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The School Day

The formal school day runs between 8:30am and 3:00pm.  All post-16 students are expected to arrive at school before 8.25am for registration.   Sixth Form students are encouraged to remain at school for longer than the timetabled school day to receive advice and support from their teachers.  A member of the Sixth Form leadership team is available until 6pm each evening.

Students are encouraged to build their capacity as independent learners.  To this end, there are additional study rooms available to all Sixth Form students.

When Sixth Form students are free, a number of areas are available to ensure they can further their studies.  The study skills room always has a member of staff available to help students with organisation and completing independent work.  Students are expected to use this area at least 3 times a week. Students are also encouraged to use the Library or the additional study area where group work can take place. These areas have ICT facilities.

Sixth Form students have their own common room in which to relax and socialise.  The common room is a lively social base for all Sixth Form students. This is open before and after school and at break and lunchtime.