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St Edward’s Academy Sixth Form – Welcome from the Headteacher

Choosing your Sixth Form courses is just the start of a very exciting and life-changing journey.  The Sixth Form experience literally shapes the person you will become.  I am very pleased that St Edward’s Academy is the institution of choice for so many successful students.

It is very important to ask yourself “Where will I do my best?” before making a decision about Sixth Form.  The St Edward’s Academy Sixth Form prides itself on our ability to offer extensive academic and pastoral support when you need it most.  Our exam results speak for themselves – we have topped local schools in recent years for our Sixth Form outcomes.  However, St Edward’s Academy is so much more than an exam factory – we will give you the opportunity to grow and develop into the person you wish to become so that you can truly live ‘Life in all its Fullness’.

Along with a proven curriculum, St Edward’s Academy also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  Students also benefit from a huge range of fully supported opportunities for work experience, community service and leadership that will help shape your character so that you can make a genuine difference to the world around you.

As a St Edward’s Sixth Former, you will receive in-depth help with university, apprenticeship and employment applications from experienced and knowledgeable staff.  You will get to know our Sixth Form staff very well so that your applications will reflect all that you have achieved and help you to secure those next vital steps.

We look forward to working closely with all of our Sixth Form students to ensure St Edward’s Academy supports you in your journey to academic and personal success.

With best wishes

Jodie Hassan