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Special Educational Needs

How do we support SEN students at St Edward’s Academy?

  • Profiles of all SEN pupils are updated regularly and are readily available to teaching staff.  They provide information about the needs of individual pupils and recommend strategies to support and ensure continual progress in the classroom.
  • Teaching Assistants provide support in classrooms and through targeted intervention sessions. Teaching Assistants work collaboratively with teaching staff to ensure the needs of all SEN pupils are met.
  • SMART target setting and routine monitoring of progress in pupils’ reading and comprehension ages play a pivotal role in our assessment for learning.  In turn this allows us to closely track progress and ensure we are continuing to set activities to continually stretch and challenge.
  • A reading programme runs throughout the school year.   Targeted students receive additional support during the morning tutor period.  The programme aims to boost pupils’ fluency and understanding in reading, to improve their reading ability, and raise their confidence and self-esteem.
  • For dyslexic pupils, priority is given to revisiting basic phonic skills, through reading, spelling and writing exercises.  Activities are delivered them through a variety of multi-sensory teaching techniques to guarantee that we are helping every student to access the curriculum.
  • We source external support for our support for pupils with speech, language or communication difficulties through accredited Speech and Language therapists. As part of our ongoing programme of development, therapists also provide training to our teaching and support staff to aid us in preparing and delivering activities to meet the needs of SEN pupils as well as the gifted and talented.  This input develops comprehension and higher thinking skills are which are increasingly addressed as pupils’ progress through the school.
  • Zephaniah, our Nurture Group, is designed to meet the needs of pupils in Years 7 and 8 who cannot yet flourish in a whole class mainstream setting.  Zephaniah supports pupils in becoming confident and independent learners.  The aim of the Zephaniah Group is to encourage pupils in cultivating their own learning and to offer consistent and effective supervision of each individual’s social, emotional and economic well-being.  With this in mind, our aim is to develop skills for learning and support pupils to be reintegrated into the mainstream classroom by the end of Year 8. Time in the Zephaniah Group and transition into the mainstream classroom is constantly monitored and supported by specially selected staff to ensure a smooth and reassuring move.
  • The Inclusion team also fulfils a multitude of additional roles including:  Testing/monitoring for examination access arrangements;  Practical support for pupils with learning and physical difficulties;  Liaison with parents and outside agencies;  Pastoral support.