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English Literature A Level


2 Years leading to full English Literature A Level

What is English Literature about?

This is a wide ranging, thought-provoking and exciting course which includes the detailed study of twentieth century novels, plays and poetry, as well as Shakespeare and many other important writers from the past. Students are encouraged to look for links between texts and challenge existing assumptions made about texts and writers.

Is this the course for me?

Prospective students must have studied English Literature at GCSE, and have an excellent pass in this subject and in GCSE English Language. They should enjoy reading and reflecting upon what they read. They should be convinced of the excitement and rewards experienced through the study of drama, poetry and novels. They must also be prepared to develop their essay writing skills and their skills of analysis in order to be successful in this subject.

What else do I need to know?

The department runs theatre trips to London, as well as having visiting speakers. The students visit the theatre to see productions and the department are always are always keen to run more trips to support the learning in the classroom.

What do other students say?

‘It’s not just reading and writing; there are lively discussions which are great fun – an opportunity not to be missed.’

‘You can gain so much from the discussions in these lessons, it really helps develop your confidence, and you never know where the discussion might lead.’

‘Every lesson is exciting and the subject is so broad- I never know what to expect’

Where could it lead?

Journalism, creative writing, teaching, drama, law and publishing are some of the possibilities.