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Design and Technology

Design & Technology is an exciting, innovative and relevant subject that enables students to explore and make sense of the technologies enjoyed by our society today.

Everything manmade has been designed and we give our students the chance to participate in this creative, inventive world.


  • We encourage students to become independent, creative problem solvers.
  • We generate an interest and awareness in both designing and making, encouraging enthusiasm for their work.
  • Students are enabled to think creatively, being able to justify their design decisions or adapt them successfully.
  • We help students to become discriminating consumers and users of products. Provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding about materials, tools and processes so they are able to produce quality products.
  • Students develop their practical capability – being able to apply knowledge, skills and understanding when designing and making.

The Curriculum

At Key Stage 3 students are taught in groups of 20 or fewer and have two lessons per fortnight. The Schemes of Work have been carefully planned to address the requirements of the National Curriculum and to give our students a wide and enjoyable experience in Design and Technology including Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture

Projects include

Health & Safety Workshop safety. Using hand tools safely, including files and various saws.
Key tag Learn about Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacture. Design work on the computer and use the laser cutter to make a key tag you have designed.


Learn to use CAD for isometric drawing to produce excellent designs.
Mechanical Toy


Learn about mechanisms, tools and processes and how to make a fully functioning mechanical toy.
Structures Learn about structures and forces. Compete with other teams to build a tower that can hold a weight successfully.
Zoo Learn about polymers and other materials. Making animal shapes using the electric fretsaw and then making a chocolate mould using the vacuum former. Design packaging using drawing  and CAD
Activity Pack Develop lots more drawing and CAD skills including using online software and traditional graphic making skills and make an attractive, professional looking product.
Taster Project Two fun projects in one. Covers the main areas of specialism for KS4. Includes traditional drawing skills/CAD/CAM, tools and processes including laser cutting.
Storage Project Research design and make a lovely storage box for your small precious items or an attractive, fun store for stationery items. Learn about a number of materials and various wood joints.


At Key Stage 4 the department offers the new and exciting Design and Technology GCSE. We offer two specialisms for this GCSE. One that encompasses Graphic Products and one that encompasses working with Resistant Materials.

A variety of Design and make tasks are carried out alongside and including appropriate theory.

In the Sixth Form, students are following the Edexcel A2 Product Design Course and go on to produce excellent work, with a number of students going on to study Product Design or Architecture at university.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students in Key Stage 4 and Key stage 5 come after school on Tuesdays for extra help or to further develop their work using all of our facilities including the laser cutter.



Mrs B Saville – Head of Department

  • Mrs L Whitcher – Teacher
  • Mrs M Wood – Technician